1. Karate Begins and Ends with Respect. Members should demonstrate respect for fellow students, the instructor and the dojo at all times.

2. Members shall never use the skills learned in the club outside of the training environment except in defence of life and limb, law and order.

3. Members will treat the dojo with respect. Bow on entering or leaving the dojo.

4. Members must not enter or leave the class without first obtaining permission from the Sensei.

5. Members shall keep their karate-gi in good clean condition.

6. Finger and toe nails shall be kept clean and short.

7. No jewellery is permitted to be worn while training.

8. Bad language is not permitted in the dojo.

9. Members shall maintain a current Higashi Karate Kai license and will abide by the constitution and rules of Higashi Karate Kai.